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Putting some fire in your belly!

It’s cold. Beautifully sunny outside, but cold.  When I’m this cold all I can think about is my next cuppa.  And therein lies the danger – one cuppa after another and my caffeine intake soon spirals out of control.  Next … Continue reading

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Autumnally blessed…

As I was taking this photograph of my autumn harvest, I suddenly realised just how much it sums up the way I strive for life to be and highlights a number of people around me who I’m blessed to have … Continue reading

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Time for the Hawthorn harvest!

  Autumn has very definitely set in, I know that because I now have cold ankles and am starting to wear boots.  They will come off again sometime in spring… Also, we have been blessed by some beautiful dry, sunny … Continue reading

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Fennel – quick solution to an embarassing problem…

I can’t really pretend that Fennel is a favourite of mine. I’m not all that keen on the aniseed taste – but once in a while, it’s a very handy herb to have around. In fact it’s a main player. … Continue reading

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The last of the summer blooms

Well, I’m not sure how it turned out where you are but on the West Coast of Scotland it was a wet summer for sure!  So I was very pleasantly surprised to find some beautiful Borage flowers still blooming in … Continue reading

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June Bloom Blues

My roses all are crumblin’ My Passiflora’s junk My Marshmallow has lost it’s glow I feel like giving up…  It was a good start, but summer has been a relative waash-oot as they say in these parts.  However, I am … Continue reading

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Angelic Plants

I just had to share this beautiful photograph of Angelica archangelica that I took recently.  The structure of this plant never ceases to amaze and inspire me.  Strong and sturdy, standing proudly 5 – 6 feet high, she dominates any … Continue reading

No more grumbling about Ground Elder!

Yep, I get it.  I have the same fight with it year in year out.  Ground Elder… it sneaks in under the wall, entwines in the neighbour’s fence, strangles the baby onions and snickers at me when I try to … Continue reading

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Beltane Fires

For most of us, it’s just an ordinary Tuesday. For our ancestors this was one of the most anticipated festivals of the year.  Beltane or May Day as it was later called, celebrated the 1st day of May and with … Continue reading

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Spring – officially sprung!

Preparing the veg beds may well have been rudely interrupted by a shower of hail, yes, HAIL at the weekend.  But that still doesn’t detract from the fact that spring has sprung.  The songbirds are chirping their way into our … Continue reading